The Humlida : The best way to keep your skin glowing

Mar 04, 20
The Humlida : The best way to keep your skin glowing


How are you going to keep your skin hydrated?

Having dry skin is a hassle for many people, and we here at Humlida know the struggle. Our skin can get dehydrated just from the environment. 

Do you want your skin hydrated and glowing without having to keep up with crazy routines every day and night? If that is the case, Humidifiers are the way to go! They are essential for keeping your skin healthy, hydrated, and giving it that remarkable glow. 


How do Humidifiers work?

Humidifiers do not take up very much space and are a staple piece for your room. They help increase air hydration levels by releasing moisture in the environment with the emission of steam. This process creates a more humid atmosphere, which prevents your skin from becoming dry. 


When are they most useful?

Humidifiers are especially useful for the colder months because the air has less moisture. According to celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau, she says that "A home in the winter can drop to a 15% humidity level, but a humidifier can boost this up significantly." Also, board-certified dermatologist Omar Ibrahimi says, "Humidifiers are a wonderful part of the winter skincare regimen." However, Humidifiers are still useful for every season. 


Dry skin can affect you in many negative ways

Dry air tends to cause the moisture from our skin to evaporate. It also erodes that layer of protection our skin needs to fight off bacteria and other germs. When skin you are exposed to a dry environment, it can trigger the increase of oil production, which is another issue. However, the importance of skin hydration goes beyond avoiding oily skin. 


Why you should buy the Humlida:

Our humidifiers are designed to make the environment as clean and healthy as it can be. It's built with our exclusive cool nano mist technology, which is tremendously efficient and subtle. They are silent, so they won't bother you while working or just relaxing. 


How the Humlida works; A detailed layout 

Humlida runs clean water through its nano filters then disperses mist into the air, killing harmful bacteria, moisturizing skin, and clearing nasal/throat congestion.

This humidifier has a mode selector: the regular option and an auto spray option. The auto spray uses built-in sensors to turn on and off automatically to maintain the same humidity level throughout the day. This lasts up to ten hours. With the regular mode, it sprays until you turn it off, which lasts up to five hours. 

The humlida emits mist out into the air around you. The closer you are to it, the faster you will see results for your skin.

Humidity from the humlida opens up your pores, and next the water vapor sticks to your skin and gets rid of bacteria on the surface. Then, it cleanses your pores and gets rid of acne and dark spots.


Don't forget to clean them! 

You should regularly clean your humidifier to ensure that it is working its best. A board-certified dermatologist in NYC named Marisa Garshick said, "Maintenance is essential with a humidifier, and it is important to remember to clean these as directed to prevent the build-up of bacteria." Cleaning your humidifier also prevents a build-up of mold, which you do not want.


Our team at Humlida is always working to make our product better to ensure your healthy and glowing skin. If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page. Thanks for reading! 


- Written by Golnaz Ahmadieh

Lead Product Specialist


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