‘Natural Beauty’ - Humlida

What asserts ‘natural beauty’ more than pure, luscious skin? Women of all ages and colors want it. Nations and cultures may have different standards of beauty, but dewy skin outshines them all. The Humlida is designed to regulate the moisture and oil production in your skin, cleansing your skin of impurities and brightening your complexion.


Nano Vapor ™

The Humlida goes to work immediately, hydrating and softening the skin's surface. It uses our exclusive Nano Vapor technology to enrich the water molecules, enabling the vapor to penetrate and eradicate acne/bacteria in the pores.


Next Level Versatility

It's easy to use and only takes a couple of seconds to set up. Our hinge design allows for 360 degrees of rotation with easy access to cleaning and maintenance. The humlida is also compatible with essential oils (for aromatherapy on the go).


2 Year Warranty + Money Back Guarantee

Humlida is covered by a 2 year replacement manufacturer warranty. We emphasize an excellent customer service experience as our upmost priority; for this reason, we will replace the unit for all product warranty requests. Put us to the test! Use our product for up to 30 days, risk-free. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you can easily return it for a full refund.


‘Youthful Glow’ - Humlida

You’re probably aware of what immense, irreplaceable value vibrant skin brings for women & men. It’s never too late to treat your skin right, and set it up to get that youthful glow. Dry skin looks & acts older showing unwanted lines & wrinkles. The main culprit behind aging skin is dry air and the resulting lack of moisture. Same goes for dull and flaky skin. Hydrating your skin is such an important part of maintaining radiant, healthy, beautiful skin. Use code [Youthful Glow] at checkout to get 10% off your first order!

Humlida - The Facial Humidifier
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Deep Blue

Cleansing sessions range from 10-15 minutes

Your skin should be in direct contact with the Nano Vapor

Wipe your face with a rag or towel every 5 minutes to remove excess moisture

Once you're done, dry your face with a rag or towel

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